St. Francis’ Prep Student Meets MP

St. Francis’ Prep Student Meets MP

11 June 2021

Our Prep 1 student from Stevenage secured a meeting with local MP to discuss the issues that matter to her – and others of her age.

Charlize Church has been writing to MP Stephen McPartland, as well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock. She has asked them to impose change around littering – particularly of face masks – and public smoking, and raising awareness about how the lockdowns have affected schoolchildren.

The meeting with Stevenage MP was successful. She discussed what social issues she had been aware of during the lockdown, the actions she made to her community especially the elderly; she made her suggestion of a smoke-free town centre and change of rubbish bins to everyone’s comfort to use.

MP Stephen McPartland was absolutely impressed by her attitudes. We are also extremely proud of Charlize and her decisiveness.

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