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Stormont School’s Year 5 Girls Experience a Residential Trip in Hertfordshire

Stormont School’s Year 5 Girls Experience a Residential Trip in Hertfordshire

23 June 2021

Like every other school in the country planning trips of any kind has been beset with disappointment but not this time. Stormont School achieved what seemed like the impossible this month with a residential trip for 21 excited girls. Even better, they didn’t have to travel on a motorway in a coach to get there, the camp is literally on the doorstep in Hertfordshire, which meant more time enjoying the grounds! Cuffley Camp was under new management just before the start of lockdown and reopened very recently to schools.

Three fun-packed days and two nights were booked with the girls staying in dormitories with their friends. Tomahawk (axe throwing) seemed to slice opinion, laser quest was enlightening and camouflage and concealment wasn’t apparent! So much to experience but the highlights of this trip were making memories sitting round the campfire, night walks, rock climbing and fire lighting. The teamwork tasks were challenging and will build their skills in problem solving for the future. Growth mindset is part of the school day at Stormont School and all the girls were positively encouraged to try everything once, take a risk and leap into the unknown.

At this girls’ only school the pupils benefit from learning in a safe environment, get to test their resilience, gain confidence and take risks without distraction. Miss Martin, Head of Stormont School, surprised all the girls with a visit one afternoon, she said “It has been a tremendous opportunity for them, bringing the curriculum to life and enhance learning outside of the classroom is so important.”

The girls loved sleeping in the new cabins, before bed on the first night they sat round the campfire which they learnt how to build, singing songs and eating S’mores. The next day they had the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice when they had to build their own fire, light it and toast marshmallows. The Year 5 Form Tutor, Madame Allin, said “The trip was a lot of fun and it brought us all closer to nature and to each other at the same time. It is fabulous to have been able to make fond memories. The trip is just what the girls needed after a year of interruption with lockdown.”

Miss Stephens, Head of Learning Support, said “It was great to see all the girls having fun in the great outdoors, try new activities and learning to work together which is something that they have all missed out on due to COVID-19.”

Shanti B said “It was a good experience of being out of your comfort zone, the wall climbing challenged me.” Bella F said “I would recommend this to another school because you learn loads of new things and learn how to survive in the wild.”

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