Girls’ School Travels 12,000 Km

Girls’ School Travels 12,000 Km

10 July 2021

Bolton School Junior Girls and their relatives have travelled an impressive 12,000 kilometres – the distance from Bolton to Malawi – in their quest to raise funds to build a school for street children in the African country.

A delighted Headteacher, Mrs Laverick said: ‘We did it! By the end of May we had reached our target of collectively walking, swimming or running over 12000km. Our pupils found a wide range of imaginative ways of travelling, including swimming at Salford Docks and sailing on Lake Ullswater – one girl even committed to a marathon which she ran in stages. So far, we have over £4,000, which is a fantastic effort, well done to everyone who has collected donations! We do know that there are quite a lot of girls who are still to add their sponsorship money too, so hopefully we will see this total rise in the coming weeks.’

The School was given support in its endeavours by no less than the First Lady of Malawi, Madam Monica Chakwera, who heard about the campaign after speaking with seven year old Kylá Chenda-Joseph, a Y3 pupil in the Junior Girls’ School.

The ambitious project came about after Junior School teacher Mrs Julia Marsden visited Malawi and decided she wanted to help the many orphaned children.

The sponsored event is just the start of fundraising endeavours as the Junior Girls’ School looks to raise £50,000. Sponsorship money is currently being collected on this JustGiving page.

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