The Covid Generation – so what have we learnt?

The Covid Generation – so what have we learnt?

8 July 2021

As they approach the end of their school year and following 16 months of restrictions, Berkhamsted School students are determined not to be defined by Covid as purported in much of the media. They have participated in a video focusing on what they have learnt and how their characters have been developed as a result of the pandemic for the positive. ‘Have we learnt nothing?’ They ask.

‘I am so glad to have been part of this film as a Year 11 student it is important that our cohort are not labelled by this pandemic. Yes, life has not been ‘normal’, but we have grown so much during this time – and it is important that those skills and traits are recognised as strengths in our character’ stated Toby, Year 11. Whilst many teachers and school leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure that pupils were provided with an education during these challenges time the pupils of Berkhamsted realised that many positives could be taken from this time in history and were frustrated with the negative reports. A feeling that the school wholeheartedly agrees with and wanted to share widely – hence the development of this powerful video. Many lessons have been learnt both in the state and private sector – please do not provide further challenge by labelling the pupils of 2020/2021 for the rest of their life.

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