Truro High Year 9 students earn the CREST Discovery Award

Truro High Year 9 students earn the CREST Discovery Award

13 July 2021

Truro High Year 9s Hermione, India, Bella, Kitty, Camilla, Ellen, Heather, Edie and Andrea have all earned the CREST Discovery award for their project work investigating and inventing the ‘Machines of the Future’. This prestigious award is run in conjunction with the Royal Society.

With the expert support of their Physics teacher, Mrs Hallam, the girls learned about machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms before working in teams to design their own intelligent household machine of the future.

Machine learning is the next big technological development. Machines learn directly from examples and experience in the form of data. Think about Netflix and how it knows what you might want to watch next, or facial recognition on your phone.

Special mentions go to Edie and Andrea who couldn’t be there to collect their awards yesterday but were praised for their hard work and dedication to their team’s projects.

Mrs Hallam said: “This really is cutting edge technology so the projects and the skills the girls have developed doing them have prepared them for the future in so many ways.”

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