GCSEs – go girls!

GCSEs – go girls!

12 August 2021

GSA praises pupils, teachers and families for today’s GCSE grades and celebrates the performance of girls nationwide.

Chief executive Donna Stevens said:
“It’s been an exceptionally challenging year for pupils and their families and teachers in schools across the country have implemented a rigorous GCSE assessment system with great professionalism. They all deserve credit for the work they have done, in uncertain circumstances, and it’s a big congratulations to pupils for today’s GCSE grades.

“We’re naturally delighted at the performance of girls across the country – with 33.4% of their results at grade 7, compared to 24.4% for boys – and, while there may be all sorts of explanations for this widening performance gap, this article in The Times has certainly provoked much discussion.

“However today is not the time to speculate on the whys and wherefores, but to congratulate ALL young people, to hope their GCSE grades give them the means to pursue their goals, and to support those who may be disappointed to move on with confidence.”

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