Headington Girls Celebrate A Level Results

Headington Girls Celebrate A Level Results

11 August 2021

Girls were sent their results electronically but many joined teachers and friends in school to mark the occasion.

Despite huge disruption to their A Level studies, with two prolonged periods of remote learning over the two-year course, girls recorded excellent results, reflecting the hard work they put in both in the classroom and at home.

In total, 76 per cent of all grades awarded were A*-A, with 42 per cent receiving the top grade. Around 86 per cent of the year group have secured their place in their first-choice university, with 86 per cent off to Russell Group universities.

Among those celebrating was Clemmy whose 2A*s and 2 As secured her a place at Bristol to study Engineering Maths.

She said: “I am really pleased. I have enjoyed Sixth Form.”

Ranee, whose A*, A and B have secured her a place at Edinburgh for Business Entrepreneurship, was full of praise for the staff who helped her achieve those grades.

She said: “I did better than I expected, the teachers really helped me this year and were really supportive. I’m just really happy.”

All three of our Head Girl trio will go to their first-choice universities, achieving seven As and 2 A*s between them.

Head of Day Alexia Roberts, who is currently in quarantine in Hong Kong before a year working as a gap tutor for Harrow International School, picked up her results online in her hotel room – with her parents joining her virtually.

She received three As and an A* in her Extended Project Qualification and will take up her place to study Geography at Newcastle in 2022.

She said: “I am so happy and so relieved. At home you can just wake up and get your results whereas because of the time difference I’ve had all day to pace around my hotel room.

“While I hope nobody has to go through what we dealt with, I am looking back on my time in the Sixth Form with fond memories – I had such a good experience, doing subjects I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s been the best seven years and it has exceeded my expectations completely. I hope I have made the most of it all and I think I probably have.”

Isla Henderson is also headed to Newcastle for 2022, where she will study Computer Science with Video Game Engineering.

She said: “I have loved it, I just wish we had more time in person in school, although I think learning at home has probably better prepared us all for independent study at university. We’ve dedicated seven years of our lives to this school and it has dedicated seven years of its life to us which is pretty special.”

This year’s results were awarded based on a robust system of assessment and accompanying evidence of the level students had achieved.

Headmistress Mrs Caroline Jordan said: “These girls have achieved so much and faced so many unexpected challenges and so much disruption along the way – I am so incredibly proud of them. They have demonstrated huge amounts of resilience, dedication and commitment to their studies in often challenging circumstances.

“I feel confident they leave Headington ready for the next step in their education or indeed the beginnings of their career and I can’t wait to see what they will do next.

“I’d also like to pay tribute to our staff who have gone above and beyond to support the girls over the past two years and have worked tirelessly to ensure the grades awarded recognise their efforts.

“Well done to all of them!”

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