Malvern St James Girls’ School Announces Excellent A Level Results for 2021

Malvern St James Girls’ School Announces Excellent A Level Results for 2021

10 August 2021

Malvern St James Girls’ School is pleased to announce the A Level results for its 2021 cohort. Against the backdrop of Covid interruption which has affected both years of Sixth Form study, pupils have attained results to be incredibly proud of and the vast majority will be heading off to their first choice university and course.

Headline news is that 43% of grades awarded are A*, 75% are A*-A, 90% are A*-B and 98% A*-C.

18% of pupils have achieved a sweep of 4 or more A* grades, 29% have achieved 3 or more A* grades and 55% of the cohort achieved 3 or more A*/A grades.

Two sets of twins in the year group racked up 12 A*s and 3 As between them. They will take up places at Cambridge, Durham, Imperial London and Bristol to read Medicine, English, Biochemistry and Engineering respectively.

As always, there is notable breadth in subjects and a strong showing for STEAM (Science, Technology, the Arts and Maths) as well as STEM. Exemplifying this, one student will take up her place at Oxford to read Music with a choral scholarship after achieving A*s in Biology, Maths and Music.

Another will take up a place at Cambridge to read Medicine having achieved A*s in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. Across STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as a whole, at least two thirds of all grades awarded are A*-A.

Subjects in which students have fared particularly well include Art (100% A*-A), Computer Science (100% A*-A), Drama (83% A*-A), Maths (81% A*-A), Further Maths (90% A*-A), Music (100% A*-A), Spanish (83% A*-A), Sport (100% A*-A), Latin (100% A*-A) and Product Design (100% A*-A).

Three Founders’ Awards bursary scholars have achieved exceptional results (2 A*s, 6 As and 1 B between them) and will take up places at Newcastle University to read Combined Honours, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to read Theatre Management and Leeds to read Biological Sciences.

Other university destinations and courses demonstrate the diversity of interests in the cohort, from Architecture at Reading, Classics at Exeter, Law at Durham, Art Foundation at Central St Martins, Mathematics and Statistics at Edinburgh, Music and Music Psychology at Leeds, Economics at UCL, and Fashion Textiles at London College of Fashion.

Headmistress Mrs Olivera Raraty commented, “This year’s results show the commitment levels from pupils and teachers to adapt to the new requirements at a very anxious time. I am confident that the results are a fair and accurate reflection of our pupils’ achievements. We need to remember that young people everywhere have worked incredibly hard for these grades against a background of tremendous national uncertainty.”

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