Outstanding achievements at A level for St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross

Outstanding achievements at A level for St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross

10 August 2021

We are pleased to report some truly outstanding achievements by St Mary’s A level students class of 2021 in their A levels and other qualifications this summer.

Almost all of those who applied to university this year have achieved their choice of course and are ready to start the next chapter in their education.

This year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, rigorous internal moderation and then approved and awarded by the exam boards following their own quality assurance process.

We will not be reporting headline figures this year as there cannot be a true comparison on previous years; each grade achieved by the girls reflects a huge amount of effort, hard work and dedication ; many of these long hours of work were carried out in isolation and in lockdown, conditions which we could never have imagined for their Sixth Form experience.

We will be celebrating all the girls’ achievements reflected in these A level grades as we wish them well for their future courses and careers.

Mrs Adams, Headmistress, said: “I am immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult time they have had since the start of the pandemic with periods of remote learning, isolation and covid restrictions.

These girls have shown outstanding fortitude, strength of character and determination to surmount these obstacles and have come through with an astonishing set of grades, which are fitting reward for the work, effort and dedication they have employed to reach their goals. Not only have they excelled academically, but they have shown themselves to be a wonderful cohort of compassionate young women who embody everything we stand for and are superb role models for our younger girls.

Their teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure our students’ success and have remained steadfast amidst the administrative demands and responsibility of the TAGs process.. We are so pleased that these girls will be embarking on a wide range of exciting university courses and destinations. Having triumphed so gracefully in such adversity, I have no doubt these young women will continue to blaze a trail in their chosen careers. I am so very pleased for them and their families today.”

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