Prior’s Field – Hugs and Happy Faces for Class of 2021 with their GCSE results!

Prior’s Field – Hugs and Happy Faces for Class of 2021 with their GCSE results!

12 August 2021

Every Fifth Form girl collecting her GCSE results at Prior’s Field today has been through the most challenging of all tests, keeping her learning, focus and achievement going through the pandemic. The road to GCSE success was so different, beset with road closures, diversions and hazards but the destination was achievement for all.

Every girl has different talents, interests and strengths and yet all of them achieved results to be proud of. From masters in music and maths to stellar scientists with a hattrick of 9s in every science, hotshots in humanities and creative talents who triumphed – they have all paved the way for an exciting next course of study.

Clemmie Trovo and Rosina Nelson both secured straight 9s in every subject, whilst musical talent Hannah Acworth clearly demonstrated the harmony between her musicality and academic prowess by achieving nine 9s, a Further Maths qualification and a 7 in French. The youngest girl in the year, taking her GCSEs early was Natasha Jan who evidenced a maturity beyond her years and natural linguistic flair getting seven level 9s which included both her English Exams, French and Spanish, as well as obtaining a Level 3 in Algebra.

Isabel Horsfield, Romana Bari, Emily McIntosh and Maddy Hutchins were also among the many girls who attended Prior’s Field in person today and were richly rewarded with wonderful results and the opportunity to celebrate together.

Tracy Kirnig Head commented:

“These girls have had a very unusual two years of GCSE study. The dedication to their studies and resilience has been exemplary and they have coped admirably with the uncertainty. Even though the assessment for the GCSE grades had to be different, I am absolutely sure the results achieved are results truly earnt and deserved”

The overall results achieved demonstrated a strong and determined year group who worked hard to achieve 24% Level 9, 75% level 7 to 9 and 99.9 Level 4 to 9.

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