A cockroach, a millipede, a tarantula and a python all join Portsmouth High’s Y6

A cockroach, a millipede, a tarantula and a python all join Portsmouth High’s Y6

12 October 2021

Science lessons came alive for Year 6 yesterday when some unusual visitors came to their lesson.

Philip the cockroach, Sushi the millipede, Buttercup the tarantula and Dolly the python were just a few of the animals from Zoolab who joined the class for a lesson on the science of classification.

What is classification, how do we group animals and why? The answers to these key questions became clearer as the lesson progressed and the girls had the chance to see and touch real-life animal examples to enhance their understanding.

The girls explored the characteristics of the classes of animals and uncovered many of their differences and similarities themselves. Workshop activities encouraged the class to consider wider scientific concepts and relate physical and behavioural characteristics to species survival or extinction.

Lola in Year 6 said:

‘I had a lot of fun today holding the animals and finding out all about them. My favourite was the giant African land snail because he was so cute and slimy. His name was Gary.’

Senior school science teacher Mrs Morgan said:

‘It is a pleasure to teach Year 6 and it was lovely to see how enthusiastic the girls were when they saw the wide variety of creatures. They were very brave holding them and asked lots of interesting questions. The visit from Zoolab provided us with an in-depth insight into our topic that we are currently studying and allowed an experiential and interactive learning opportunity for the girls. It was an unforgettable experience.’

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