Prep Student Meets Local MP

Prep Student Meets Local MP

20 October 2021

We are so proud of Charlize, St. Francis’ Prep student, who had another successful meeting with Stephen McPartland, her local MP. Charlize is a swimmer and is concerned by the lack of funding for community swimming pools and very long waiting lists. Same as Stevenage, Letchworth swimming club has a long waiting list to join.

Mr McPartland was absolutely impressed and happy to share the voices of children through the project. This will be a continuous project where we will deliver children’s voices about the social issues and the environmental issues, as you know, on many points children have different angles of views from us adults.

” We are very proud that Charlize has used her voice to raise issues and try to bring about change. She understands the importance of community well-being and the eco implications of poor facilities. Well done, Charlize!” Mrs Goulding, Headmistress.

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