Second Place in National Maths Competition

Second Place in National Maths Competition

1 October 2021

Congratulations to Homare S. (Year 11) who entered the Pioneer Creative Maths Competition for the 14-15 age category.

After being introduced to the competition by Mrs Brown, she attempted the problem while she was in quarantine in Japan over the Summer. “Being stuck in a hotel room for a week in quarantine meant that I was very bored and so started my journey on trying to figure out how to solve the mirror problem given to us in the competition. We were told to shorten the length of a mirror as much as possible, while the user was still being able to see their entire body. This problem made me incorporate other subjects such as Physics to figure out how we see ourselves in mirrors (line of sight) and the average height of a person (which was a lot closer to my height than I thought!). I found it a lot of fun solving a problem that was not purely Maths and made me think about other subjects while solving the problem. I hope that I can participate in similar competitions soon!”


Well done Homare!

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