Stamford Teacher Co-writes Textbooks

Stamford Teacher Co-writes Textbooks

6 October 2021

Head of Politics at the Stamford Schools, David Tuck, has co-written two textbooks which have been published by Hodder Education this year, one on the United States government and one on Political Ideas.

The American textbook proved to be the most challenging piece of work of his career. David said: “We wrote the vast majority of the book in lockdown, in one of the most tumultuous periods in recent history. The book had to reflect what was happening, so we had to document the effects of the coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter movement on America, and the disputed 2020 Election.

“The book was actually all finished, and then we had to go back to it and wait for the result of the impeachment trial after the capital riots. It was a real rollercoaster. In contrast the work on political ideas was more relaxed!”

David is an experienced teacher who also works as both an Inset Trainer and an Education Consultant, specialising in the delivery of A Level Politics. David was made a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching in 2019 in recognition for this contributions to teaching and educational training.

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