Malvern St James Participates in Malvern Hills Challenge 2021

Malvern St James Participates in Malvern Hills Challenge 2021

5 November 2021

“The scenery was what convinced me to go in the first place but I never thought that the whole experience would be so worthwhile, because I had Alvina, Audrey, and Joyce, my amazing team, with me. We played music and sang along breathless from all the walking. We had regular breaks and sat for a snack on my blanket that I brought because I thought I would freeze into a popsicle.

We enjoyed the local delicacies offered from ice cream to cheeseburgers. We enjoyed the breathtaking view of the peaks and saw some paragliders too. We even sidetracked on our journey because we came across some sheep and wanted a close-up look. Sometimes a single step up the high slopes felt like agony because I wasn’t used to the hilly topography. But I was cheered on.

And we made it! The support was refreshing and my shoulders felt lighter knowing that I had them to catch me if I fell.

The day was hard work but worth it; full of pictures and memories forever engraved in our minds. We had a great time and raised money for the heroes. Win-win!”

Words by: Blossom, Year 13

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