Portsmouth High School Sixth Form raised over £7k during their annual Charity Week

Portsmouth High School Sixth Form raised over £7k during their annual Charity Week

23 November 2021

Portsmouth High School Sixth Form raised over £7k during their annual Charity Week which culminated in a glittering and dazzling Fashion Show. This year the girls chose to support Friends Without Borders, a Portsmouth based charity.

Charity Week at Portsmouth High was back to its normal glittering self this week after COVID-19 restrictions had been put in place last year. Charity Week has been going on for almost 30 years and is always run entirely by the Sixth Form. The week is made up of a fancy dress parade, talent show, games, an annual netball match, this year against boys from St John’s College, plus a two night Fashion Show.

‘Charity week is something the whole school looks forward to every year,’ said Annalee, Head Girl. ‘I am so excited to have had a hand in organizing it. It really is all hands on deck with the entire sixth form coming together to make the week as special as possible and to raise money for an amazing cause. The staff are always on hand to help where they can and the enjoyment of the rest of the school throughout the week is incredibly rewarding.

‘Our lunchtime events involve engagement from staff and girls across the years and are always highly entertaining. As a team, the sixth form organises everything from planning the content of the event itself whether its game shows or sports matches to the financing, logistics and marketing. Everything we’re doing encourages imagination, organisation and a true sense of comradery. Fuelled not only by the enthusiasm of the school but by a desire to help those in need, the week was a resounding success.

‘This year we are supporting Friends Without Borders, a charity who supports local refugees and asylum seekers, many of whom are in dire situations with nowhere to turn. FWB provide financial, legal and emotional support when these individuals need it most and we are truly grateful to be able to support them in their work. We chose this charity as we truly moved by the stories of some of the people they’ve helped and believe that many immigrants are often overlooked. These are people who have been pushed to the edge of society and faced with countless financial, legal and social obstacles to building their lives, many of which wouldn’t even occur to us. What FWB does is help break down those barriers.’

‘It was a really fun week,’ said Erin in Year 11. ‘The whole school came together and had such a community feel to all the events throughout the week.’

‘It was a brilliant week,’ added Isobel. ‘I particularly enjoyed the talent show which showcased how much talent there is across the whole school.’

Arabella in Year 7 said: ‘All of the activities were really fun and my favourite was seeing all the teachers taking part. It was a great week and raised so much for the charity.’

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Katie Wood, added:

‘Throughout Charity Week, our pupils have showcased what outstanding leadership and teamwork look like and proved what amazing results can be achieved when young people are driven and determined to change the world for the better. Under the direction of the Head Girl Team, our sixth form have worked tirelessly to raise money for an incredibly worthy cause. They truly deserve their success; we couldn’t be prouder of them.’

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