TH Juniors Tackle Climate Change

TH Juniors Tackle Climate Change

9 November 2021

During the week of the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference, TH junior school pupils attended a live Zoom session with Chris Packham on the topic of climate change. The discussion, which was being broadcast on Radio solent, invited pupils to ask questions, and Year 6 pupil Yasmina was thrilled to be given the opportunity to ask Chris, ‘When did climate change begin?’ Every pupil was then invited to make an individual post-it pledge to display, deciding on a small change that they can make to help the planet.

The school has a Junior Eco Team who have been very busy, surveying the waste produced during a school at break time; they passed the results to the site staff and made a request for more recycling bins, which have since been introduced. The team are now planning to run an assembly to educate other pupils about how packaging can be recycled. Juniors have also written to a number of snack companies and requested that they change their packaging so that it can be recycled.

Junior staff member, Jo Brown stated: ‘At Talbot Heath pupils are encouraged to take individual responsibility.’ Adding, ‘English primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodall tells us to ‘Think globally and act locally.’ This means that if everyone makes a small change to the way we live our lives we can have a big impact on our planet. We need to work together.’

Grateful thanks go to everyone who was involved in this exciting event, especially to Jo Brown, the TH Tech team, as well as the pupils themselves.

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