Well-Goodies Benefit School’s Water Charity

Well-Goodies Benefit School’s Water Charity

8 December 2021

Every ten maths questions correctly answered on Well-Good’s website equates roughly to one day’s water for one person in the developing world. Since Well-Good was set up by Maths teachers at Bolton School Girls’ Division six years ago, it has successfully funded water projects in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nepal, Malawi and Niger.

Though money is raised primarily through sponsorship on the website, the Well-Good Club also generates funds throughout the year.

Grace Griffin, Abigail Leaper, Ella Nielsen, Nikki Patel, Stella Rojek, Niamh Walker and Sophia Wormald did a great job of packaging and labelling bags of sweets to sell as ‘Well-Goodies’, and Soha Pal and Anayka Patel made some great posters to advertise the sale in school. Bolton School Girls’ Division Head of Mathematics and Well-Good co-founder Mr Heppleston thanked all the girls involved in the sale for their efforts, which raised around £110!

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