A taste of Year 7 at The Queen’s School

A taste of Year 7 at The Queen’s School

14 January 2022

An exciting week for our Year 6 girls who have been given a real taste of life at the Senior School with a day of lessons as Year 7 pupils.

The girls got to experience a range of subjects with some of our current Year 7 girls including Maths, English, Science, PE, Spanish, Mandarin, Computing, Drama, Music, Geography, RS, History, Classics and PSHE, giving them a real feel for what a Year 7 timetable will be like for them in September.

In music, pupils had great fun exploring how two different, popular songs (Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits’ and Bastille’s ‘Happier’) use the same chord sequence enabling them to be sung simultaneously as a mash-up. All pupils then went on to learn to play the pattern on both the ukulele and the keyboard. The final challenge was to sing along to one of the two songs at the same time as playing the accompaniment. The results were fantastic with all pupils developing their performance skills to an impressive standard.

In history, they learnt about King Edward VI, ‘The Boy King’. Year 7 worked with Year 6 visitors to find out facts about the king, learn new vocabulary and interpret a painting of the new king.

The girls were engaged and full of energy as they worked with Year 7 to explore how to communicate effectively and create credible characters in Drama. They had lots of fun playing the game of giants, wizards and dwarfs using non-verbal communication skills. They then produced still images and a short scripted performance where they changed the meaning of the piece by adapting vocal skills such as tone, pace, pause and emphasis.

In geography, they learnt about the different landforms on a headland and in computing, they enjoyed learning how to code a dance party.

Following on from the Sweet Science event before Christmas, the taster days were another opportunity for Year 6 to meet and get to know their teachers at the Senior School, as well as the building itself, to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible when they move up in September. They also got to meet new friends as some girls from other schools also came along to get a taste of life at Queen’s.

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