Bolton School Student Raises £830 for Local Charity

Bolton School Student Raises £830 for Local Charity

31 January 2022

Jennifer Irving, a Y3 pupil at Bolton School Junior Girls’ School, has raised £830 for local charity Derian House Children’s Hospice.

Having grown her hair, Jennifer had over 12 inches of it cut off over the weekend in a sponsored fundraising event. She is now sporting a rather splendid new Bob hairstyle! Another charity, the Little Princess Trust benefitted from the donation of Jennifer’s hair which they will be able to turn into a beautiful wig.

Jennifer’s parents, Simon and Angela Irving, said: ‘We are so proud of her as it was all her own idea and she has raised over £800 for Derian House – and over £1000 if you include the gift aid.”

On Jennifer’s Just Giving fundraiser page, she says: ‘Recently a friend told me that she had donated some hair to help children with cancer. This inspired me to do the same, so I asked my mummy and daddy if I could. It made me sad to think of children who had lost their hair due to illness and I wanted to think how I could help them. I thought that, as well as donating my hair, I could get sponsored to have it cut. I decided that I would like to raise money for Derian House to help children with cancer.’

Earlier in the academic year, another Junior Girl at Bolton School, Phoebe, donated her hair for a charitable cause.

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