A step back in time at The Queen’s School

A step back in time at The Queen’s School

28 February 2022

Year 3 students at The Queen’s School had a fantastic tour of Chester with a Roman soldier. He showed them what remains in the city from Roman times and even took the girls under one of the cafes so that they could see some original Roman walls and pillars. The girls learned all about the different buildings that were inside the fortress and what happened in them. He also gave them an insight into what life was like in the Roman city of Deva.

Following the tour, the girls had a taste of what it was like to be part of the 20th Legion based in Chester. Wearing armour and carrying swords they marched to the amphitheatre, where they had some training and learnt battle manoeuvres.

Lunch was an exciting experience at the Senior School and the girls had an enjoyable afternoon with Miss Jones and Miss Ellis, who helped them to design and make their own Roman shields.

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