Cheltenham Laies’ College announces two Arkwright Engineering Scholars

Cheltenham Laies’ College announces two Arkwright Engineering Scholars

3 February 2022

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK, set up to inspire and nurture the country’s future leaders of the engineering profession.

This year, Arkwright Scholarships have been awarded to Year 12 students, Leila and Ekaterina, making them the 10th and 11th recipients of the award since the founding of the Engineering, Enterprise and Technology (EET) Department at CLC.

The fully sponsored programme, part of educational charity The Smallpeice Trust, aims to encourage young people from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and change the world as a future leader in engineering.

The highly competitive Arkwright selection process, involving an online application, aptitude exam, and virtual interview, is designed to assess students’ engineering knowledge as well as key life skills such as leadership and creative thinking.

Scholarships are awarded to high-calibre 16-year-old students to support them through the two years of their post-16 qualifications. Scholars receive £600 cash, an industrial mentor, the opportunity to network with other Scholars and the chance to compete for an Arkwright Undergraduate Scholarship – worth £12,000.

With the uncertainty of the current economic climate, the number of industrial sponsors for this award has shrunk, making the competition for this national award even tougher.

Dr Kevin P Stenson, CEO of The Smallpeice Trust, said: “We are delighted to announce the results of our 2021 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships. It’s been a challenging year for schools across the UK and we are beyond proud of all the students who stepped up to apply for the programme despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic. The UK engineering industry needs more innovative, hard-working young people like these who see opportunities instead of obstacles. Our scholarships enable young people to experience the exciting world of engineering, learn from industry experts and gain a real insight into what it takes to be a pioneering engineer.”

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