Malvern St James Girls’ School Compete in the Faraday Challenge

Malvern St James Girls’ School Compete in the Faraday Challenge

4 February 2022

The Faraday Challenge, hosted by the Institue of Engineering and Technology (IET) at Prestfelde Prep School in Shropshire, was designed to put teams to the test in creating an innovative solution to a particular scenario. This year, the event was led by the Institute for Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) who play a key role in designing and developing new hospitals and infrastructure for healthcare provisions in the UK.

On Tuesday 1 February pupils and staff travelled to Shropshire to participate in this exciting and stimulating challenge where the day started with a briefing from the Challenge Team Leader. They explained the task, the steps required and the ultimate aim of the day. Discussions also explored the concept of engineering and how engineers of the future will be engaged to tackle new problems that arise.

For the main task, pupils worked as a team to develop a prototype design, involving electrical circuits as well as other mechanical and structural features. Interestingly, teams were instructed to carefully structure their costs so that they were working within a limited budget and ensuring that the environmental and economic impacts of their design were considered. After this, the team were tasked with designing a final structure and invited to present their design and ideas. This prepared pupils and encouraged them to think about the reasonings behind their structure and work together as a team. Teachers did not have any input or influence over any design or ideas, leaving the team of Year 8s, to be creative and innovative.

While the team of Year 8 pupils, Charlotte, Charlie, Eva, Emily, and Izzy, found the day to be challenging they did a fantastic job representing the School and presented a great design idea.

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