Managing Stress Toolkit at Wimbledon High School

Managing Stress Toolkit at Wimbledon High School

28 February 2022

While we don’t really like the word ‘stress’ overall her at WHS, we were delighted to host a panel discussion on “Managing Stress” for our Year 12 and 13 students on 2nd February.

The panel included Karen Robertson, a current Year 8 parent (former Pharmacy/Hospital Operations Director) Priyanka Patel, WHS alumna Class of 2017 (LPC student/Bristol Law Alumna) Hannah Till, School Nurse (former ITU nurse) and Fionnuala Kennedy, Head, who shared their experiences of how to keep stress in perspective, how to enjoy life, and whether stress has a positive role to play.

Then this week, a mix of Year 12 and Year 13 students had a ‘Prepare to pass’ workshop run by Rachel Munns, of Resilient Me, on self-belief and achieving balance while managing exam revision. A useful toolkit to extend beyond A levels into life beyond!

Mrs Joyce, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations

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