St Francis’ College Alum Becomes a Successful Farmer & Young Farmer Ambassador

St Francis’ College Alum Becomes a Successful Farmer & Young Farmer Ambassador

21 March 2022

We would like to introduce Hannah Buisman, St. Francis’ student 2008-2016, who is a next generation Farmer and Vineyard Manager from Hertfordshire. She also undertakes work in the jewellery and cultural arts sectors, in addition to her latest role at the NFU as a Student & Young Farmer Ambassador.

‘Having left St. Francis’ in 2016, I headed off to Durham University without a clue as to where my languages degree would lead me. I grew up on a family farm and was always passionate about agricultural issues in addition to my love of languages, history and sport. At Sixth Form Society, I would argue my case against MPs about the green belt and issues affecting our food chain. I also drove my tractor to school on my last day, which I am frequently reminded of!

Through my degree at Durham, I had the pleasure of living and working all over the world with many different individuals. This period opened my eyes to the lack of knowledge surrounding UK farms and their produce, despite the extend to which farming feeds into our daily lives. This led me to take on a role at the National Farmers’ Union or NFU as a Student & Young Farmer Ambassador (2022). In my role I aim to bridge the gap between those within and outside of the farming community. We all eat, so we are all part of the food chain which begins in one of my fields.

Everyone deserves the right to understand this chain: where our food comes from and the importance of British farmers in keeping our shelves full of planet-friendly, local food. My sixth form tutor, Miss Wallace, always said I should consider becoming a UN diplomat. For now, this is my UN, and all my practice at Sixth Form Society is paying off!’

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