GSA Creates Landmark Educational Cross-sector Research Partnership to give Voice to All Girls

GSA Creates Landmark Educational Cross-sector Research Partnership to give Voice to All Girls

3 May 2022

The Girls’ Schools Association has established the UK’s biggest cross-sector research partnership in single-sex girls’ schools.

The newly incorporated research group is a unified partnership across the independent and state sectors; it will steer analytical data collection across the whole sector to present a nationwide understanding of girls’ educational experiences and examine what enhances or diminishes girls’ development in schools, annually.

The year’s research will provide welcome focus to the experience and outcomes of disadvantaged students and students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) from single-sex girls’ schools.

Donna Stevens, GSA CEO, says: “GSA’s mission is to fuel future generations with an education that understands, and is built for, the female experience. I’m thrilled to establish and mobilise this cross-sector research group – the biggest of its kind – so we can listen carefully and closely to girls and deliver on our commitment to give them voice and priority in education.”

The working steering group is: Fairfield High School for Girls, Harrogate Ladies’ College, Hayesfield Girls’ School, Moreton Hall, Norwich High School for Girls GDST, Redmaids’ High School, St Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls, The Henrietta Barnett School, and Wimbledon High School GDST.

Clare Wagner, Head at The Henrietta Barnett School comments: “The Henrietta Barnett School is delighted to be part of this cross-sector research partnership. Having worked in single-sex girls’ schools in both the independent and state sectors, I know we have a great deal in common and also that we can learn much from each other. I am sure that this year’s research on the experience and outcomes of disadvantaged students and those with SEND will lead to a deeper understanding of how we can support these students in our schools and how much being in a single-sex environment can improve the educational experience and outcomes for them.”

Fionnuala Kennedy Head at Wimbledon High School GDST comments: “It feels exciting to be part of the GSA Research Partnership at this particular point in time: we know, working in our brilliant schools, that girls’ only education provides outstanding environments and outcomes for our students; but to be able to quantify the difference we already make, and then base our plans and strategies for the future on a solid foundation of research feels important and timely.”



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