Northampton High School hosts collaborative Poetry Extravaganza project

Northampton High School hosts collaborative Poetry Extravaganza project

25 May 2022

Last week, a local Northamptonshire school collaborated with schools across the country to celebrate the world of creative writing and poetry. Northampton High School hosted the event, which allowed Year 6 pupils to join forces in creatively discussing key world issues in their own words, penning touching pieces of poetry in the process.

The week-long celebration kicked off with an inspirational workshop from writer Jo Stokes, who joined the schools virtually to offer her advice and expertise to the budding poets. Students from Northampton High and their sister GDST schools, Nottingham Girls’ High and Kensington Prep, were tasked with creating their poems surrounding four major topics; ‘we are diverse’, ‘this is our planet’, ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘feed the world’.

A week of discussion and teamwork followed as pupils thought deeply about each of the topics, and how best to get their messages across using carefully chosen words. From celebrating diversity to reaching for the stars, pupils held meaningful and insightful discussions about these important issues and encapsulated their thoughts and feelings, creating a collection of thought-provoking poems. The culmination of this event was a live performance workshop at Northampton High on Thursday 19 May, where all three schools collaborated, delivering their poetry to captivated audiences with such conviction that their messages could not be ignored!

Northampton High’s Year 6 class teacher Karen Fordham commented, “It is always a pleasure to work creatively with the pupils from different schools in our community – their focus, drive and determination, coupled with their ability to think outside of the box, guarantees that the work they produce is of the highest standard, and this week has proved to be no exception”.

As said by Samuel Coleridge, “Poetry is the best words in the best order”, and the pupils from Northampton High, Nottingham Girls’ High and Kensington Prep have certainly proved this!

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