Royal High School Bath holds reunion day for students from 1950s-1990s

Royal High School Bath holds reunion day for students from 1950s-1990s

19 May 2022

Royal High School Bath hosted a special reunion for former students from five different decades on Saturday 14 May.

The reunion was the first of its kind for many years and welcomed former students of Bath High School across many different generations from those who graduated in 1955 to individuals who graduated as recently as 1998. This was the last year of the Bath High School as it was then known, as in the same year, it merged with The Royal School to form the current Royal High School Bath which is situated in Lansdown.

The Bath High School alumnae thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet former friends and teachers many of whom they have seen since they left school. They also enjoyed a display comprising items from the School’s Archive featuring school magazines, photos and a collection of trophies from different events from across the decades.

In addition, nine former staff members who taught at the school during this time were also in attendance, including Lynda Bevan, who worked at Bath High School and Royal High School Bath for 23 years initially as Head of the Junior School then as Registrar as well as Margaret Winfield, Head of Bath High School from 1985 to 1998.

Kate Reynolds, Head of Royal High School Bath, said: “It was wonderful to see so many people come back, not just former students but staff and governors including two headteachers; Margaret Winfield and Lynda Bevan. Reunions are all about friends and family forever, a core value that runs throughout the school and continues to do so. Chatting to everyone made it apparent there is so much energy, affection and pride still for the school. It was amazing looking back with all these pioneering women and also sharing with them our vision and thinking ahead to the next 150 years, so we can prepare and empower our future generations, showing what they are capable of so they can achieve their dreams.”

Margaret Winfield, who was Head of Bath High School for 13 years as well as Head of Royal High School Bath when the two schools merged, commented in her speech: “I am so glad we are able to get together to celebrate some of our achievements and look forward together. The memories just came flooding back and it was wonderful to see groups of girls from every decade represented. It says so much about the continuity of life and above all, how the friendships made while at the school are enduring. Everyone gathering here today helps reinforce that we are all members of a very big family and while the name of the school may have changed, all that Bath High School stood for, its history and its values remain very much embedded in Royal High School Bath today.”

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