Stamford Endowed Schools to become fully co-educational at all stages

Stamford Endowed Schools to become fully co-educational at all stages

11 May 2022

The Governors of the Stamford Endowed Schools have announced that Stamford will become fully co-educational from September 2023.

Originally founded in 1532, Stamford is currently a “diamond model” school, in which boys and girls are educated separately between the ages of 11 and 16.

Will Phelan, Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, said: “The diamond model was a sensible step in our evolution when we merged our two single sex senior schools more than two decades ago, but it is clear that the needs of our students have changed. A co-educational environment will transform the experiences and opportunities that our students benefit from.

“At heart, Stamford will retain all of the features that make it such a happy, welcoming and successful school. Our students leave Stamford as rounded and grounded young people, and that’s exactly as it should be. Our strategy – to focus on academic ambition, pastoral excellence, and delivering world-class preparation for the future – is designed to support that vital purpose, and will continue to do so.

“We want to forge a new culture, that combines the best of both of our senior schools, and draws not just on our heritage, but on the expertise and the vision of our staff, and the ambitions and passions of our students, to create a school which is set up for every child’s future. A school which really enables our students to become the best version of themselves. This is a journey, and all of us – staff, parents, students and Old Stamfordians – will travel it together, as our School – and our students – become even better, stronger, and more agile.

“We are really excited about what this will mean for our students, and the feedback we have from our parents, staff and students shows us that there is real support for making this change.”

The transition process will take place over two years. In September 2023, Years 7-10 will become co-educational, and Year 11 will remain in their single sex classes, on their current sites, for the second year of their GCSEs. From September 2024, Year 11 will also be fully co-educational.

Stamford Junior School and Stamford Sixth Form have been co-educational since the schools came together in 2000.

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