CLC Launches Innovative Energy-Saving Programme

CLC Launches Innovative Energy-Saving Programme

27 July 2022

The Horizon system, from Acutro, uses artificial intelligence to monitor and optimise energy efficiency across the site, representing an important step in College’s aim to become carbon net zero.

A 12% reduction in College’s energy consumption equates to 275 tonnes of CO2e; equivalent to 1,654 mature trees photosynthesising for one year.

As well as reducing CLC’s carbon footprint and energy costs, the system will also monitor CO2 levels and room temperature throughout the site and make according adjustments to maintain comfort and wellbeing among the pupil and staff body.

With expertise in data acquisition and interpretation, Acutro allows real estate owners such as CLC to improve building performance and efficiency. The programme is being driven in collaboration by CLC’s strategic partner BGIS, and is the first gen facilitation of a data led maintenance approach to CLC infrastructure.

By championing this cutting-edge solution, CLC is the first school of its type to invest in a system of integrated technology, which will streamline energy usage and improve working practices. The new technology will be adopted in the summer of 2022, and will cut energy consumption by a minimum of 12%, but possibly as much as 15-25%.

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