Downe House partnership with SpringBoard to transform futures

Downe House partnership with SpringBoard to transform futures

7 July 2022

Downe House is delighted to have partnered with Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation (RNCSF) which will enable them to widen their reach to others who would not usually be able to access a Downe House education.

RNCSF is a social mobility charity which works to bring the transformational opportunities offered by the UK’s leading schools to the young people who will benefit from them the most.

Ali Henderson, RNCSF’s CEO, says: “We work across the UK’s boarding and independent schools sector to expand the number of 110% bursary places (those that cover all fees and extras) and ensure that these opportunities are targeted towards young people who most need them: those who have faced challenging circumstances – children and teenagers in or on the edge of care, or growing up in households and communities where opportunities to flourish are limited.”

Matt Godfrey, Deputy Head at Downe House, says: “Downe House is committed to transforming pupils’ lives through its inspiring academic programme and its extensive and enriching provision of co-curricular activities. The crucial additional layers of pastoral care and personal, mentoring support make a huge difference to each pupil. We support girls with high academic ability but also those with the character and aptitude to benefit and flourish from all Downe House has to offer. We attract pupils from a wide range of backgrounds, our link with Springboard will enhance this further. We all benefit hugely from the diversity of our pupils, each of whom brings so much into our school. Pupils who secure their place here through bursary programmes flourish here, not least because they have such potential and aspire to achieve a great deal independently; this kind of industrious work ethic has a hugely positive impact on the attitudes of those around them.”

Downe House appreciates the huge impact a bursary can make, not only on the individual child, but also on the whole family and the community in which they live. The School will support the parents at every stage and, together, they will ensure their daughter flourishes at Downe House and nurture her to be the best she can be.

Downe House believe that it is not only those who receive bursaries who benefit from such support; our School is enriched substantially and the lives of all in our community are enhanced.

Downe House’s moral and social purpose was put in place over 100 years ago by our founder, Olive Willis, and we continue to honour her philanthropic legacy to this day.

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