Monmouth girls’ fascinating Classics trip to Hadrian’s Wall

Monmouth girls’ fascinating Classics trip to Hadrian’s Wall

11 July 2022

Nine Classics students at Monmouth School for Girls enjoyed a fascinating four-day trip to Hadrian’s Wall, where they learned so much about Roman history surrounded by the scenic landscape.

The students, from Years 9 to 13, gained a wonderful insight into the daily life of soldiers and civilians by exploring barracks, bathhouses, training halls, temples and shrines, and a hospital.

They saw Roman engineering and resourcefulness at first-hand as they walked along the wall, and explored Roman forts and settlements of Vindolanda, Chesters, Housesteads, and Birdoswald.

Hadrian’s Wall is a continuous Roman defensive barrier that guarded the north-western frontier of the province of Britain from barbarian invaders.

The wall extended from coast to coast across the width of northern Britain; it ran for 73 miles from Wallsend (Segedunum) on the River Tyne in the east to Bowness on the Solway Firth in the west.

Dr Camille Geisz said: “In the museums we were able to see the fascinating Vindolanda tablets, one of the oldest surviving collection of hand-written documents in Britain, as well as many familiar items such as leather shoes, clothing, cutlery, tools, jewellery, and weapons.

“We all had a wonderful time – it was excellent way to start the summer holidays.”

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