Class of 2022 A Level celebrations

Class of 2022 A Level celebrations

18 August 2022

Today was a happy day as our Class of 2022 returned to school to celebrate their brilliant A Level results. The atmosphere in the Orangery was buzzing with excitement and it was a wonderful morning filled with joy as we saw 62% receive A* or A grades and 86% A*-B grades. The school is enormously proud of what this exceptional cohort has achieved and is excited for them as they take their next steps on their future paths.

Celebrating its 135th Birthday this year afforded Sydenham High School the occasion to look back with pride on all that it has achieved as a school, and its year 13 can be rightly proud of how they have navigated the difficult path through the pandemic, whilst making the most of all the opportunities available and being role models for the younger years.

“We couldn’t have got here without our teachers supporting us throughout our A Levels,” said former Head Girl, Freya, who is embarking on her gap year after securing a place at Glasgow to read Philosophy and Theatre Studies.

The feeling of support was echoed by Alice and Sophie, who commented that: “the teachers respond to every email, early in the morning or late at night,” and “I could always go to my teachers if I needed anything. They’re always so welcoming”.

Mia was appreciative of the school community: “I think it’s really welcoming. I know everybody says that but it’s true. The size of the school really helps because it means you get more focused support which was really useful. Now I’m going on to study Latin and English Literature at Manchester University”. Simran, also heading to Manchester University to read Drama & Theatre Studies, agreed that “Sydenham High is the perfect place to help you to grow”.

“I could not be prouder of this cohort, our Class of 2022, sitting their first set of public examinations. I have admired their resolve and determination since 2020 when year 11 ended early and they were told GCSEs were cancelled, unaware of what would happen next. What extraordinary strength and resilience they have shown and I congratulate them all on their superb results and their stellar approach to school. They are an impressive year group, ambitious, industrious, talented, creative, and so much more. We are enormously proud of them all and we are excited to see what they go on to achieve; they most certainly have bright futures ahead.”

– Katharine Woodcock, Headmistress

As the last of seven sisters at the school, it is a bittersweet moment for one family as Olympia heads to the University of Leeds to read Modern Languages and Economics. Her parents said: “Our sincere thanks to the whole Sydenham High School team for doing such an amazing job educating not only Olympia but all of our seven daughters. The school has been a great support to them all and this is definitely the end of an era, one that has lasted twenty nine years for our family!”

One pupil made a brave decision to start year 12 again, returning to Sydenham High after trying a different Sixth Form. Tiger said: “I am so happy that I was welcomed back to Sydenham High. The school and my teachers have been amazing and helped me to achieve 3 As. As my only complaint is that I was 1 mark off an A* in Art, I’d say it’s a pretty great day! The encouragement to pursue my creative passion means that I am now going on to an Art Foundation and can’t wait to see where the future takes me.”

With a combination of university places, Art Foundation courses, Drama schools and gap years, our year 13 head off from Sydenham High brimming with optimism for a future of endless possibilities.

“A big thank you for everything – you are the best teachers I’ve ever had and it was such a supportive environment to grow up in. I couldn’t have asked for more.” – Izzy

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