Maeve dazzles at British Skating Championships

Maeve dazzles at British Skating Championships

1 August 2022

A Sixth Form student at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools has delivered a ‘powerful’, ‘emotive’ and ‘elegantly beautiful’ performance at the British Skating Championships.

Maeve Barratt finished an impressive seventh at the national competition and the judges gave her a wonderful review.

Maeve, 18, was the second team netball captain at Monmouth School for Girls and balanced her school-work, netball and skating-training to perfection.

Maeve, who is now awaiting her A level results, has spent many years getting up at 4am for four or five days a week because of the limitations on ice availability for competitive skaters.

Because Cardiff rink was closed for two-and-a-half years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Maeve had to travel to Nottingham and Basingstoke to get time on the ice.

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