Prior’s Field – GCSE Grades Glee!

Prior’s Field – GCSE Grades Glee!

25 August 2022

Despite the gloomy media predictions and torrential rain, there was nothing that could dampen the evident joy, relief and celebration for the Prior’s Field Fifth Form as they collected their long-awaited GCSE results.

The school community gathered together with parents, siblings and guardians in tow, to open the gold envelopes and share each other’s individual achievements with hugs, tears and huge excitement. Each girl has had her own distinctive journey here and her own unique story of success to celebrate.

Amongst the many happy smiles was that of Alice Cooley, one of three girls achieving nine level 9s amongst their grades. After a long Summer of success on the track, Athletics superstar Christina Kirkby not only secured second place and a silver medal at the South of England Athletics Championships but achieved an incredible nine level 9s and two 8s in her GCSEs. Robyn Mirmak has sustained a wonderful series of stage performances over the last five years and has spent the summer performing with the National Youth Music Theatre in ‘A Kiss for Cinderella’ whilst also achieving some fantastic top grades today. Top performing departments for GCSE success in 2022 were History, Latin, RS and Drama.

Head Tracy Kirnig said:

“Our 2022 Fifth Form is one of the largest year groups we have ever had at Prior’s Field. They are a wonderful cohort of young women who exhibit a huge range of talents in the classroom, on the sports field and through their creative endeavours. They boast many elite sportswomen, future stars of the stage, and pioneering personalities who will contribute much to the world through their academic abilities and passion to make a difference to future generations. Prior’s Field is at heart a family community and not just a school, and to see so many families and staff celebrate here has been a real joy.”

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