Channing School Receives Highest Inspection Grade Possible

Channing School Receives Highest Inspection Grade Possible

5 September 2022

Channing School has published its latest ISI inspection report which shows that its educational quality has been given the highest grading possible once again. Not only has the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements been graded as excellent but also the quality of their personal development.

Lindsey Hughes, Headmistress, comments, “It is particularly gratifying to see our emphasis on fearless learners, our Unitarian ethos of free thinking, acceptance and inclusivity, and our belief in individual and social responsibility coming through on every page of the inspection report. I would like to thank our extraordinary and tirelessly committed staff for the unwavering support that they show to our students, and our parents for everything they do to support the school and their children. Most importantly, though, my congratulations to the fabulous Channing pupils who live the Channing values every day and make this such a wonderful and special school. I am delighted that the inspectors recognised this from the moment they arrived.”

Highlights from the report include the following::

Pupils of all abilities achieve high academic standards. They make fast progress over time from their individual starting points, reflecting the school’s successful aim to inspire pupils to develop scholarship and enjoy success.

The development of pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding is excellent, underpinned by the school’s commitment to offering an education of breadth.

The school successfully meets its ambition to empower pupils to become independent thinkers and fearless learners.

Pupils develop high levels of self-understanding and self-confidence within an environment that fosters kindness and respect.

Pupils accept others for who they are, respect diversity and appreciate the richness different cultures and traditions bring.

Pupils’ social skills are highly developed, actively encouraged by the openness of the school’s culture. They work intuitively together in groups, teams and ensembles towards common goals. From their first days in the school, pupils form mutually supportive and respectful friendships.

The way in which pupils contribute willingly to the school and wider community is outstanding. They are socially aware and keen to support those less fortunate than themselves, reflecting the school’s successful fulfilment of its aim to inspire altruism as well as individual and social responsibility.

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