Harvest Time in the Pre-Prep

Harvest Time in the Pre-Prep

17 October 2022

The front of the stage was lined with all the generous donations made by parents and pupils to the Hope Food Bank at Kings Church Berkhamsted. Meanwhile, a giant painted pumpkin filled the back of the stage, flanked by colourful pieces of pupil artwork.

These displays set the tone for an energetic and vibrant Assembly, filled with pupil-led songs, poems and prayers. Miss Hopkins, our Graduate Assistant Chaplain, delivered an address in which she created a pizza for her dinner, ably assisted by several pupils! While the pizza was being made, Miss Hopkins encouraged pupils to consider where each ingredient in the pizza had come from and who had been involved in getting to her plate.

It was clear that this theme was something the pupils had already been considering – where our food comes from – because it was an important focus of the poems and prayers that they delivered. The children displayed clear confidence and maturity in delivering these to their parents and teachers, whilst the fact that they were able to express gratitude for our food and those who work to provide it shows a developing emotional intelligence.

Other highlights of the morning included harvest time classic songs such as “Big Red Combine Harvester” and “Harvest Time is Here Again”, as well as the unveiling of the new Jubilee Orchard, recently harvested by our very own School Council. The ability to pick fruit from the apple trees – and enjoy eating them as part of their school meals – helps to build upon the important messages of understanding and gratitude that were at the heart of the Assembly.

The gifts for the food bank and the collection at the end towards the Air Ambulance charity were made possible by the generosity of our school community who support and appreciate our endeavour to serve others. Together with our school, it is humbling to see how at the earliest age we are developing remarkable young people who will grow into remarkable adults with a positive social conscience.

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