Charity Week at Portsmouth High School raises money for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Charity Week at Portsmouth High School raises money for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

22 November 2022

Charity Week at Portsmouth High School has been back in full force this week after conforming to Covid-19 restrictions for the last couple of years. Entirely masterminded by the sixth form, the annual fundraising week has been a highlight of the school year for over 30 years. Events this week, involving both pupils and staff, include a fancy dress parade, a lip sync battle, a talent show, quizzes and games and the renowned annual netball match between the High School and boys from Portsmouth Grammar School, all culminating in the finale of the Fashion Show running across the last two evenings.

‘Charity week is something the whole school looks forward to every year,’ said Phoebe, 17, Head Girl. ‘I am so excited to have had a hand in organising it. It really is all hands on deck with the entire sixth form coming together to make the week as special as possible and to raise money for an amazing cause. The staff are always on hand to help where they can and the enjoyment of the rest of the school throughout the week is incredibly rewarding.’

Phoebe explained: ‘This year we are supporting The Sussex Snowdrop Trust, a charity which helps children with life limiting and life-threatening illnesses and their families. A large amount of money raised will go towards direct care for both the children and the families the charity supports, for example helping with the cost of travel to and from hospital and attending appointments and therapies, as well as family days out. The charity aims to provide a special family day out each year for those they help. We are really hoping to be able to contribute a significant amount to such an important organisation which provides valuable help to those in need. The week is always great fun, but at its heart is the desire to help those in need.’

Phoebe added: ‘Our lunchtime events involve engagement from both staff and pupils from all years and are always entertaining. The sixth form work together, organising everything from initial planning through to the content of each event as well as the finances, logistics and marketing. Everything we’re doing encourages imagination, organisation and a true sense of camaraderie.’

Mrs Ann Clark, an alumna from the Class of 1965 and a former teacher of the school, said:

‘The fashion show started in 1990 so is now in its 32nd year. ‘I remember the sixth form coming up with the idea of a fashion show,’ she said. ‘Jean Hapgood, a local dance teacher, was brought in to do the choreography with the girls. I let them lead the arrangements but I remember it being so much fun.’

Alumna from the Class of 1999 and now Head of Sixth Form at Portsmouth High School, Mrs Katie Wood (nee Farnhill), added:

‘Charity Week has been a highlight of the sixth form experience for our pupils over the last three decades. I have hugely fond memories of running this event as Head Girl, so I really empathise with our senior prefects in terms of how much planning and work is involved. Being able to support and advise them is a real privilege, but they truly own their success; it is their boundless energy and enthusiasm that have brought their creative and ambitious plans to life. I am excited for what I know will be a fabulous week, and very proud of our pupils for dedicating themselves so generously to such a worthy cause.’

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