Christmas Jumper Swap Promoting Sustainable Festivities

Christmas Jumper Swap Promoting Sustainable Festivities

2 November 2022

Mrs Abby Miller, Head of Biology and Sustainability at St Margaret’s School for Girls, continues her great efforts within the school to create a culture of sustainable behaviour and practices for staff and pupils. The Christmas Jumper Swap encourages the St Margaret’s community to bring in their pre-loved Christmas jumpers to school, so that others may get a new (to them) jumper to wear this festive season.

Within her role, Mrs Miller has allowed pupils an opportunity to change the way things are done, moving against the consumerist tide, and sharing what they hope to achieve in the broader Aberdeen community. St Margaret’s pupils are highly encouraged to take part in sustainable methods of living with it being built into the school’s culture and ethos.

“We are committed to reducing the environmental and human impact of our school and our community,” says Mrs Miller. “Christmas Jumpers are a popular and fun way to get into the Christmas spirit, but they contribute to the millions of tonnes of clothes waste generated every year, and hundreds of thousands of acrylic microfibers released per wash. They are often made by people who aren’t paid a fair living wage.”

By holding the swap on the 11th of November, pupils get a new jumper without further contributing to the waste and unsustainable practices that have become the norm.

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