Girls’ Schools Association Launches ‘Go Bold’ Student Events

Girls’ Schools Association Launches ‘Go Bold’ Student Events

7 November 2022

GSA has launched its ‘Go Bold’ student series and has pledged to fund the whole first year paying it forward for a whole generation of young women.

Every pupil in GSA membership is eligible to attend for free, and with a wide-ranging programme including the best of sports, photography, literature, finance and economics, music and science, girls have the chance to test their mettle in a comprehensive series designed to spark courage, curiosity, and self-belief in young women beyond the classroom.

Every pupil will have the chance to experience vibrant conventions, expos, festivals, and performances and each is led by innovative experts and creators. Created as an in-person, hybrid, and online events to give maximum access, girls can join in both nationally and internationally.

Full programme details are here and highlights include the Girls’ Football Festival with the Independent Schools Football Association; Choir of The Year, Pioneers of Science, the GAIN Investment Challenge plus the GSA’s established well-loved and respected annual events Girls Go Gold, GSA Netball & Masterclasses, and Annual Creative Writing Competition.

Donna Stevens, GSA CEO, says: “GSA has always placed girls at the centre of everything it does; we empower girls to expect to be listened to, to be leaders, and to choose the lives they want to live. Go Bold celebrates the talents and potential of young women and encourages them to grasp the whole of life with both hands, and the world of opportunities beyond the classroom.

I’m hugely proud GSA is paying for every GSA pupil to attend in this first year, there couldn’t be a better investment to make in our brilliant future changemakers.”To find out more and get details of each event visit

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