A-level Spanish Students ‘Write For Rights’

A-level Spanish Students ‘Write For Rights’

9 December 2022

‘Write for Rights’ is a campaign run by Amnesty International which aims at helping people who have been victims of attacks or wrongfully targeted when fighting for their rights.

“This support is offered either through pressuring governments to act, whether that be for someone’s release from prison or for laws to be passed for their protection, or by sending messages of hope to people pursuing their freedoms. Our class participated in the campaign and wrote to Luis Manuel who is imprisoned for defending his right to freedom of expression in Cuba and also to Yren and Mariana, two trans women in Paraguay who have experienced violence and discrimination because they can’t legally obtain documents which align with their gender identity. We all wrote letters to both the people themselves and their governments, because however small the action appears to be, seismic change can be created when we join together in unity to fight for the rights of people around us.”

Isabella, Y13 student

“I think it’s really important that we participate in “write for rights” to put pressure on foreign governments. We wrote to the Cuban president and the Paraguayan Supreme Court President to ask for change to their human rights legislation. We also sent messages of support to a Cuban man who has been locked up for protesting for freedom of speech after an unfair trial, and two Paraguayan trans women who are suffering discrimination and aren’t allowed to legally change their names.”

Maddie, Year 12 student

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