Jina (Year 8), selected for U18s Netball Academy

Jina (Year 8), selected for U18s Netball Academy

5 December 2022

This phenomenal achievement for someone so young will enable Jina to train and play against some of the most talented netball players in the country.

It comes after Badminton School’s appearance on CBBC’s new TV series ‘Our Boarding School’, which featured Jina during an episode where her skills on the court were noticed by a talent scout.

Jina moved to the UK at the age of 10, a very young age, but Jina has truly embraced the life and culture in the UK, which makes her a perfect candidate for our Citizenship Award. When she arrived in the UK she had no knowledge of netball which makes her achievement even more remarkable. She has always shared her enthusiasm for both netball and hockey with her friends at Badminton and been very grateful to the local families that have often helped her with travel to games and training.

Jina said: “I am very proud of myself for getting into the Nova Academy because it has always been a dream and I am glad I achieved it at the age of 12. Playing with older players makes me nervous sometimes but they are really nice and caring. They are also extremely good which aspires me to train harder.”

Miss Elsley, Assistant Director of Sport at Badminton, said: “I am so incredibly proud of Jina and what she has achieved. Not many people get the opportunity to experience playing at topflight level, so this next year will give Jina an insight into what it truly takes to play at elite level and whether it is something she wishes to pursue longer term. Jina has worked so hard, overcome so much adversity and shown so much courage to achieve what she has. Although deep down Jina struggles to believe how good she really is, this is what makes her so special and unique. She is fast becoming a role model for her peers. They see how she is always hungry to learn more, to be the best that she can be and succeed in all that she does. She has an innate ability to drive others to achieve similar standards, even at the age of 12.”

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