Seeing the positives of failure at Y12 GROW Day

Seeing the positives of failure at Y12 GROW Day

16 January 2023

Last Wednesday, Year 12 took part in a pastoral off timetable ‘Grow Day’ to explore the topic of failure.

They gathered together for a Grow Breakfast and GCSE Celebration first thing, before heading down to the Auditorium to listen to an inspiring Failure Panel made up of Mrs Franklin, Ms Boyd, Mr Turner, Mrs Evans and Mr Griffiths, who all shared their moments of failure from career changes to regrets, to being scammed and damaging friendships.

“Everything you’ve already done is done. You can reflect and think about what you can do differently, but there is no point in beating yourself up over something you’ve done. Failure doesn’t have to be alienating, in truth it’s what connects us.” – Mrs Franklin

The day continued with a carousel for students to hear how to be a successful A Level student, a GROW Talk with Mr Turner, and a Year 12 challenge where students chose activities they struggle with, in an attempt to get over setbacks and keep persevering.

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