Northamptonshire school commemorates Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Northamptonshire school commemorates Neurodiversity Celebration Week

31 March 2023

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a special opportunity to celebrate the strengths and talents of people with learning differences and at Northampton High School, staff and students welcome every chance to be kind, tolerant and accepting of others. This year, the school were delighted to hold a variety of activities to raise awareness for neurodiversity and to further educate the school community on the importance of this celebration. Believing in celebrating neurodiversity all year round, not just for one week, Northampton High is committed to learning more about the topic and cherishing their neurodivergent students for all the wonderful attributes and talents with which they enrich the school.

The kind-spirited students at Northampton High continuously seek ways to help others and give back to the community, and this occasion was no different. As part of the celebratory week, pupils arranged a well-attended bake sale, raising awareness for neurodiversity and generating £185 to be donated to the above charities. Contributions to the school’s fundraising efforts continued throughout the week, with a school mufti day encouraging pupils and staff to make donations.

At Northampton High, colourful umbrellas adorn the internal entrance of the school’s purpose-made buildings – a symbol of neurodiversity acceptance and a mark of their dedication to embracing differences. During this special week, students were tasked with designing and decorating their own small umbrellas with paper, to be displayed in the corridors. Participating in this creative project prompted students to reflect on the significance of Neurodiversity Celebration Week and the importance of being kind and accepting of everyone.

The Hardingstone-based school was delighted to welcome two guest specialist speakers, Annie Burnett and Lesley Lock, to host informative coffee mornings exclusively for parents in the school community. The events aimed to provide families with support and information surrounding neurodiversity charities, including Northampton and Buckinghamshire Dyslexia Association and East Midlands Autism, prompting many positive and open conversations.

Completing the week-long programme of events, the GDST school held a wonderfully informative assembly, expertly led by their Learning Enhancement Coordinator, Mrs Natalie Beezley, and members of their Senior School. In their assembly, the group highlighted various high-profile people and their experiences of being neurodivergent, as well as listing positive traits associated with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyslexia. Dr May Lee, Head at Northampton High, stated “We valued the opportunity to hear from students about their experiences with neurodivergent needs, and the care and support they have received from their teachers so as to ensure they thrive and reach their full potential. It was overwhelmingly touching to hear their personal journeys and the positive aspects of being neurodivergent, and we truly appreciate the advice and expertise they shared. Their message was heartfelt and one of inclusion and appreciation of others here at Northampton High.”

Emphasising how the neurodiversity movement represents a shift in attitudes and understanding of neurodivergent conditions, Mrs Beezley explained why these differences should be seen as intrinsic to the individual, and not something to be cured or suppressed.

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