Queen’s Teacher Triumphs at Stockholm Writers Festival

Queen’s Teacher Triumphs at Stockholm Writers Festival

6 June 2024

We are delighted to announce that Mrs. Tunnicliffe, our esteemed Head of History, has been named the overall winner of the prestigious ‘First 5 Pages Prize’ by the Stockholm Writers Festival.

After being shortlisted in the top 11 out of 1,083 entries from around the globe, Mrs. Tunnicliffe has emerged victorious, marking a significant achievement in her writing career.

As part of her prize, she has been invited to attend the Stockholm Writers Festival this summer. The event is a renowned gathering where writers come together to find inspiration, acquire know-how, and build networks that will help them bring their stories to the world. The festival will feature local and international teachers, industry experts, and agents who will share their experiences and insights in the Swedish capital.

Mrs. Tunnicliffe is no stranger to literary accolades. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Virago Press Young Crime Writers Award, and in 2014, she won a chapter in the ‘Write Your Own Christie’ competition. Her consistent recognition underscores her talent and passion for writing.

The judges of the ‘First 5 Pages Prize’ praised Mrs. Tunnicliffe’s submission, saying, “Our Grand Prize Winner, taking first place this year with a submission of cinematic scope, rich in details that capture the lead character’s complex emotions – her frustration, her sense of duty, and her dreams of a different life. The writing in this piece is deeply evocative, painting a portrait of a woman caught between her obligations and her aspirations, all set against a backdrop of a bygone era’s social expectations and familial duties. The reader is left with a poignant sense of the protagonist’s inner world and the societal pressures that shape her reality, culminating in an unexpected twist.”

We are immensely proud of Mrs. Tunnicliffe and her outstanding accomplishment. Her success not only highlights her exceptional writing skills but also serves as an inspiration to our pupils and the entire school community. Congratulations, Mrs. Tunnicliffe! We eagerly anticipate the future chapters of your literary journey.

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