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From the Independent Schools Council Census

  • The vast majority – almost 89% – of GSA pupils are day pupils.
  • Just over 11% of pupils in GSA schools are boarders. Of these, 90% are full boarders; 6% are weekly boarders; 4% are flexi-boarders.
  • There are 7,030 non-British pupils at GSA schools, 53% of them have parents living overseas, 47% have parents living in the UK.
  • 29% of pupils at GSA schools are from a minority ethnic background.
  • 95.8% of GSA pupils go on to Higher Education with 3.9% of these choosing to study overseas.
  • There is one teacher for every 8.5 pupils in GSA schools.
  • GSA schools provide more than £69 million annually in means-tested bursaries, with over 25% of all pupils receiving fee assistance from their school (and 8.6% receiving means-tested fee assistance).
  • 54% of GSA pupils on means-tested bursaries have more than half of their fees remitted.
  • 100% of GSA schools are involved in partnerships with state schools or the wider community.


More Likely to Study & Do Well in ‘Difficult’ Subjects

Girls at Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) schools achieve a disproportionately large share of the top grades in Sciences, Maths and Languages. They are 75% more likely to take Maths A-level, 70% more likely to take Chemistry, two and a half times as likely to take Physics and are over twice as likely to take most languages. ¹ Bucking national trends, over 55% of girls at GSA schools take a STEM subject at A-level. Just under two fifths take Maths and just over two fifths take at least one science. In Physics, for example, 13.4% of all entries from girls come from GSA schools, (above the 5.2% baseline), but they are awarded 25.9% of the A*s and 20.5% of the A or A* grades. A quarter of girls in GSA schools take at least one language A-level and they are twice as likely to take French or Spanish at A level. In French, for example, the percentage of entries from GSA schools is 12.2%, but they are awarded 31.7% of the A* grades and 21.1% of the A or A*s. See Girls Who Go To Girls’ Schools Do Better At ‘Hard’ A Levels  and How Good Are Girls


Academic Excellence

  • Half of the Sunday Times top 10 independent schools are GSA schools.*
  • Six of the top 11 schools for sending students to Russell Group universities are GSA schools².
  • Four of the top 11 schools for sending students to Oxbridge are GSA schools².


Working in Partnership

100% of GSA schools are involved in partnerships with state schools or the wider community.


* Sunday Times Parent Power 2015
¹ from DfE 2012 exam data – GSA girls compared with all girls in all schools
² Department for Education leaver destination figures, as analysed by the Telegraph (2011 figures, first released 2014).

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Economic Impact of Independent Schools

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (USA) research into alumnae school experience, transition to college, academic interests and career aspirations.

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (USA) website

Institute of Physics It’s Different for Girls – girls at independent girls’ schools are four times as likely to study A Level physics than girls at co-ed state schools

Institute of Physics Closing Doors – single-sex schools are significantly better than co-educational schools at countering the gender imbalances in progression to A Level English, maths, biology, physics, psychology and economics.

School Selection by Gender: Why it Works
by Alice Phillips (GSA) and Nicole Chapman (ASGS)

Effective Pedagogies for Girls’ Learning – A review of recent research commissioned by GDST
by Mike Younger, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge (2016)

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Sue Hincks GSA President 2019

School: Bolton School, Girls’ Division

Call PA Hannah: 01204 840 201


Charlotte Avery GSA Vice-President 

School: St Mary’s School, Cambridge
Interests: interfaith dialogue, empowerment of women, JPIC: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Call PA Beverley: 01223 224102

Caroline JordanCaroline Jordan GSA Former President 

School: Headington School, Oxford
Interests: public exam marking, curriculum change, STEM, inspections, university access
Call PA Alison: 01865 759 100

Alice Phillips

Alice Phillips GSA Former President

School: St Catherine’s, Bramley
Interests: curriculum change, English, teacher training & development
Call PA Toppy: 01483 893 363