GSA Young People’s Creative Writing Competition 2021


What have we learnt from the pandemic that will influence our lives tomorrow?




  1. You may interpret the theme in any way you wish.
  2. Entries are free and can be prose or poetry:
    a. Prose entries can be short/flash fiction, life writing or essay, up to approximately 350 words.
    b. Poetry entries can be in any form, including free verse, up to a suggested maximum of 20 lines.
  3. There are three age categories:
    a. KS2 most people studying KS2 will be in Years 3 to 6
    b. KS3/4 most people studying KS3/4 will be in Years 7 to 11
    c. Sixth Form
  4. Entries must be your own original work.
  5. You can submit both prose and poetry entries should you wish to do so.
  6. Please give each entry a title of your choice.
  7. Entries must be submitted no later than 8pm on Friday 30 April using the form below. A supervising teacher’s email address will be required for submission.
  8. Entries will be judged by GSA Officers and Fellows.
  9. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
    – Originality
    – Adherence to the theme
    – Language
    – Enjoyment
  10. The winners in each category will be informed, via their teacher, no later than Friday 28 May and invited to make a video recording of themselves reading their winning entry, which will be broadcast to more than 100 GSA Headteachers during the GSA Virtual Summer Briefing on 14 June, when the winning entries will be formally announced. On and after this date, the winners’ videos will also be published on the GSA website at and shared on social media; winners must keep their status confidential until this time.


Before you start, you may wish to visit some of the following websites and videos for inspiration.
The Poetry Society
Michael Rosen’s 9 Poetry Writing Tips for Kids
What is flash fiction?



The deadline for entries has now passed.

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