Oxbridge Growth Mindset for STEM

This event is now POSTPONED.  Further details to be provided.

This half-day course will focus on the thinking skills that characterise students applying to highly selective universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge (“Oxbridge”). The afternoon will give advice for the so-called STEM subjects, such as, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science – and also Economics.

Who is this course for?
This afternoon course is open to potential Year 12 Oxbridge applicants in GSA schools, if accompanied by a member of staff. A GSA member of staff must accompany every 5 students.

This afternoon is also offered to Year 12 students in GSA Partnership schools, if accompanied by a member of staff. 5 YEAR 12 STUDENTS PER MEMBER OF STAFF.

Full programme available here.

Led by Paarul Shah, Founder of STEPMaths and Oxbridge Academy.

This course is now full, to be added to our waiting list, please email events@gsa.uk.com.

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