Year 5 Forensic Workshops

Year 5 Forensic Workshops

Introducing primary pupils to investigative science in the laboratory

  • Abbot’s Hill (GSA)
  • Nash Mills Primary School
  • Abbot’s Langley Primary School
  • Tanners Wood Primary School

To introduce primary pupils to a variety of investigative skills and techniques – including chromatology, finger print lifting and using a microscope – and to help them apply science skills in a working environment, building an understanding of how science is useful for everyday life. Pupils work in teams and collaborate to solve the mystery.
30 state primary school pupils


After experiencing the workshop, more pupils said they would consider a career in science when they were older than was the case before the workshop. Children said that they were interested in learning more about the role of science in real life. The children worked well together in teams, identifying each other’s strengths and reaching their conclusion within the given time frame.

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