See Women

SEE WOMEN : Inspiring the next generation of women engineers

The See Women Project is a unique collaboration between the Girls’ Schools Association and Siemens. It was launched on International Women’s Day 2016 with a curriculum-linked show created by Siemens Education and well-known scientist and BBC presenter Fran Scott.


Girls’ Schools Association (GSA)
GSA schools & their local state schools

Objective: To inspire Y7-Y9 girls to consider a career in STEM – and particularly engineering – through an ongoing programme of live stage shows for girls and by sharing Siemens resources and contacts with teachers so they can run similar events of their own.


To date the project has reached over 3,300 girls from state and independent schools.

SeeWomen was launched in 2016 and is ongoing. Impact evaluation shows that, before attending the live stage show, 47% of girls said they don’t know what job/career they want before attending. After attending the stage show, 69.2% said they could imagine themselves in a STEM career, 78.4% felt inspired to find out more about STEM careers, and 76.4% said they now know more about the range of different STEM careers available.