See Women

SEE WOMEN : Inspiring the next generation of women engineers

The See Women Project is a unique collaboration between the Girls’ Schools Association and Siemens. It was launched on International Women’s Day 2016 with a curriculum-linked show created by Siemens Education and well-known scientist and BBC presenter Fran Scott.

Following its successful launch, the show has been adapted into showcase presentations for selected schools across the UK, featuring specialists from Fran Scott’s team and some of Siemens’ women engineers. Host schools invite Y8/9 girls from their own school and neighbouring state schools to take part.

The showcases are then modified so that GSA staff and their STEM/Engineering Ambassadors can continue to share them with even more girls in GSA and state schools all around the country.

The Shows

  • An interactive journey into the world of STEM
  • Learning about modern female role models & their contributions to science & engineering
  • Encouraging young women to raise their aspirations
  • Inspiring girls to get excited about STEM
  • Informing about the big careers in science, engineering & technology
  • Live whizz-bang experiments
  • Thought-provoking activities
  • Empowering girls to set goals & pursue their dreams
  • Y8/9 girls from GSA and neighbouring state schools

The Training

  • Enabling teachers and other STEM ambassadors to spread the word
  • Cascading STEM/engineering info to more girls in more schools
  • Continuing to inspire the next generation of women in STEM & engineering careers